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Linwood Baptist Church

Our Ministries

Our goal at Linwood Baptist Church is "Every Member a Minister." Christians have a responsibility to invest in the lives of others whether that be through soulwinning, Sunday School lessons, personal discipleship, and investing in world Missions. God assigns different gifts to diferent members of a local body, and we try to make sure that everyone uses their gift for the glory of God in our church.

Sunday School

Sunday School

We at Linwood Baptist Church believe that the Scriptures are essential to our growth as Christians. To this end, we have organized Sunday school clases for every age group. Every member of your family can find a class fitted for their age group.

  • Preschool Sunday School
  • Primary Sunday School
  • Junior Sunday School
  • Teens Sunday School
  • Adult Sunday School 

Nursery Ministry

Nursery is provided for all services for infants and toddlers. 


Children's Ministry

Every Sunday morning after the choir comes down in the morning worship service, our children are dismissed to Children's Church where they have a lesson, activity, games, and snack.  There are special activies throughout the year for Children's church including the Fall Festival each October. 


Youth Group

In addition to Sunday School, our teens have a youth service with preaching, singing, games and dinner on the first and thrid Wednesday night of each month in the Fellowship Hall.  They have a youth activity each month, attend Youth Camp and serve in various ministries. 


Ladies Ministry

The Linwood Ladies enjoy special meetings throughout the year with various themes and topics to fellowship and grow in the Lord.  The Linwood Ladies Summer Luncheons are the first Thursday of June, July and August where they meet at a local restaurant for a guest speaker and themed luncheon.

2015 Theme:  Live, Laugh, Love

2016 Theme: Faith, Family, Friends

2017 Theme:  Yesterday, Today & Forever

2018 Theme: Evening, Morning & Noon

2019 Theme: Power, Love & Sound Mind


Men's Ministry

From skeet shooting to a cookout, the men have meetings throughout the year for encouraging fellowship centered around the work of the Lord. 


Operation Linwood

We gather on the first and third Saturday of each month for visitation and sharing the gospel in our local community.  With a special time of fellowship to follow.


Gospel Missions


World Missions

The Bible teaches that the local church is responsible for getting out the Word of God to all nations. Although we are not capable of going to all the world ourselves, we do place a high priority on world missions by prayer and giving.  Please join us in prayer for Linwood's missionaries:   

  1. Alverson, Jeff and Joyce - Military Missions
  2. Bohman, Erica - Kenya

  3. Butler, Jim and Linda - BIMI Administration

  4. Catalan, John Mark and Kristin - Philippines

  5. Condra, Nicole - Romania

  6. Cooley, Jeremiah and Lindsay - Liechtenstein

  7. Denisi, Frank - Philippines

  8. Durden, Josh and Amy - Japan

  9. Farley, Charles and Joan - IPM, Inc.

  10. Ford, Keith - Caribbean

  11. Haley, Mike and Cindy - Botswana, Africa

  12. Harvel, Jason and Leah  - Military Missions

  13. Hawks, Jeff and Yvette - Washington State

  14. Knight, Brandyn and Alicia - Military Missions

  15. Lancaster, Tom and Dottie - Military Missions

  16. Lemmon, Bob and Linda - Bible Printing

  17. Leonard, Robert and Amanda - Fiji

  18. Lord, Allen and Hagit - Israel

  19. McCombie, Mike and Wilda - BIMI Western Representative

  20. Neal, Brandon and Devona - Military Missions

  21. Nix, Johnny and Kay - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

  22. Ojo, Timothy and Ronke - Nigeria

  23. Palmer, Glenn and Charlotte - England

  24. Pinson, Mike and Tonda - Military Missions

  25. Popwell, Sammy and Joan - Military Missions

  26. Porterfield, Eric and Jessica - Sudan

  27. Radank, Bob and Kelly  - Germany

  28. Seals, Odis and Betty  - Yucatan, Mexico

  29. Shambaugh, Charity - Romania

  30. Shenandoah Haven Girls Home

  31. Tillman, Tommy and Jo Ann - Thailand/Mongolia

  32. Wall, Tim and Jennifer  - Washington State

  33. War, Chris and Lou Anne - Military Missions

  34. Waye, Chris and Sherry - England

  35. Winkler, Matt and Sheri - Uganda

  36. Wolfe, Patrick and Shelia - Military Missions

  37. Anonymous

  38. Anonymous

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  41.  Anonymous

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