The Bible teaches that the local church is responsible for getting the Word of God to all nations. Although we are not capable of going to all the world ourselves, we do place a high priority on missions by prayer and giving to send missionaries to go where we cannot. Linwood Baptist Church teaches the importance of missions to all ages through Great Commission Kids, mission trips and Faith Promise giving to support missionaries. Please join us in praying for our missionaries.

Into All the World

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

The Missionaries We Support

  • Alverson, Jeff and Joyce – Military Missions
  • Bohman, Erica – Kenya
  • Butler, Jim and Linda – BIMI Administration
  • Catalan, John Mark and Kristin – Philippines
  • Condra, Nicole – Romania
  • Denisi, Frank – Philippines
  • Durden, Josh and Amy – Japan
  • Farley, Charles and Joan – IPM, Inc.
  • Ford, Keith – Caribbean
  • Haley, Mike and Cindy – Botswana, Africa
  • Harvel, Jason and Leah – Military Missions
  • Hawks, Jeff and Yvette – Washington State
  • Knight, Brandyn and Alicia – Military Missions
  • Lancaster, Tom and Dottie – Military Missions
  • Lemmon, Bob and Linda – Bible Printing
  • Leonard, Robert and Amanda – Fiji
  • Lord, Allen and Hagit – Israel
  • McCombie, Mike and Wilda – BIMI Western Representative
  • Neal, Brandon and Devona – Military Missions
  • Nix, Johnny and Kay – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
  • Ojo, Timothy and Ronke – Nigeria
  • Palmer, Glenn and Charlotte – England
  • Pinson, Mike and Tonda – Military Missions
  • Popwell, Sammy and Joan – Military Missions
  • Porterfield, Eric and Jessica – Sudan
  • Seals, Odis and Betty – Yucatan, Mexico
  • Shambaugh, Charity – Romania
  • Shenandoah Haven Girls Home
  • Tillman, Tommy and Jo Ann – Thailand/Mongolia
  • Wall, Tim and Jennifer – Washington State
  • War, Chris and Lou Anne – Military Missions
  • Waye, Chris and Sherry – England
  • Winkler, Matt and Sheri – Uganda
  • Wolfe, Patrick and Shelia – Military Missions
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